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"To keep ourselves right in all things, we ought to hold fast to this principle: What seems to me to be white, I will believe to be black if the hierarchical Church thus determines it. For we believe that between Christ our Lord, the Bridegroom, and the Church, His Spouse, there is the one same Spirit who governs and guides us for the salvation of our souls..." - Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius [365]

Friday, June 16, 2006


It is Corpus Christi Sunday (Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Christ). We honor in a very special way today the Holy Eucharist -- Christ's Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity present in the most holy Sacrament. We remember today Jesus' total oblation of Himself for the life of the world.

In the year 2003, the Holy Father, John Paul II (1920-2005), isued an encyclical on the mystery of the Holy Eucharist and its relation to the Church's life. He reminds all Christians that the Holy Eucharist is the center and the summit of the life of the Church. He admonishes all Catholics then to love and venerate the Holy Sacrament and to receive it more often.

It would be beneficial if we ask ourselves on this great Solemnity if we are truly devoted to the Holy Eucharist. But more so, to ask ourselves if we are ever sensitive to the "real presence" of Christ in the world in His BODY -- the Church. Do our devotion and participation in the daily/weekly celebration of the Eucharist make us more keen on the needs and struggles of the poor? Are our lives centered on this great mystery so as it has become the source of our "life?"

We hope and pray then that as we celebrate the Holy Eucharist on this great Solemnity, the Lord may renew in us the fire of love and devotion to His real presence in the Holy Eucharist so as to celebrate it with more attention, love, and reverence.

*Today, the Parish of UP (Holy Sacrifice Parish) celebrates it's fiesta. We join them and the Jesuit Chaplains and campus ministry volunteers in prayer for a fruitful work in the Parish/Chaplaincy.


  • At 5:48 PM, Blogger Norlan H Julia, SJ said…


    hello! thanks for an insightful reflection on corpus xti. if only our presence to each other can be as real as jesus' presence in the eucharist...

    have a good week ahead!

  • At 5:52 PM, Blogger harvey said…

    jeh,this is harvey..am here in cebu right now..just want you to know that im proud of you..kumusta ko nila ni I.B ug Rico ha?:-)

  • At 5:53 PM, Blogger harvey said…



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